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September 24, 2017

Genesis 14: 14-20 describes an interaction between Abram and the King of Salem (Peace), the Melchizedek Priest. The King offers bread and wine to celebrate a victory. He then offers a Blessing over Abram. Abram then gives the Melchizedek Priest a ten percent tithe from the treasure they had taken in battle.

Who is the Melchizedek Priest? The name Melchizedek comes from two Hebrew words, melek and tsedeq. The word melek means 'king' and tsedeq means 'righteousness' (Strong's Concordance). Genesis and Hebrews 7 also describe King Melchizedek, as the King of Peace, the King of Righteousness and the Priest of the Most High God.

In Psalm 110, David speaks about the Word of God and God's promise of a permanent Melchizedek priest.

Psalm 110:4 MSG
"God gave his word and he won’t take it back: you’re the permanent priest, the Melchizedek priest."

The entire chapter of Hebrews 7 speaks to the subject of the Melchizedek priesthood. Paul seems to be convinced. But of what is he convinced of?

Hebrews 7:17 MSG
"For it is attested by God of Him, “You (Christ) are a Priest forever According to the order of Melchizedek.” 


This is one of those study points. A place to research and dig down into the The Word. Dig into the history of these events. There are differing opinions and conclusions. Talk it over with God and find your own perspective. King Melchizedek is and will be forever known as the King of Peace and the Priest of the Most High God. 

Is this just another guy or is this King Melchizedek, is He, Jesus in the book of Genesis? John 1 tells us that the Word was present with God from the beginning. Jesus, the Word, is Forever. The Melchizedek Priesthood is also described in Hebrews 7 as an unending and enduring priesthood. Forever. Jesus is the promised King of Peace. He is the King of Righteousness and stands as the Priest of the Most High God. Jesus is our High Priest. Jesus is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow. Jesus is forever.


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