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June 1, 2017

Grief. Loss. Sorrow. Words that we all know. Words that can't be adequately described unless you've experienced them. Grief. You can't go around it or ignore it or circumvent it. The only way through grief is to actually go through it. Right through the middle of it. You have to find a way, a path that leads you through your grief.

The sorrow of the realization that something has changed irreversibly. Acknowledging that realization and coming to terms with acceptance takes time. The journey can be painful and difficult for us. The only way through the journey is with faith that Jesus knows your grief. Jesus knows your sorrow. Jesus knows your loss. Jesus knows what you're going through. He's walking with you on the journey.

Jesus will make a way through the grief and renew your strength. He will make a way through your sorrow and renew your joy. He will make a way, when there seems to be no way, because Jesus knows.

Jesus knows that the only way through grief is to go through it. Grief is a journey. A journey of faith. Hold on tight to your faith, and know that Jesus will be on the journey with you.

Psalm 119:28 AMP
"My soul dissolves because of grief; Renew and strengthen me according to the promises of Your word." 


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