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Impossibilities Transformed

August 2, 2017

Psalm 147:5 The Voice
"Our Lord is great. Nothing is impossible with His overwhelming power. He is loving, compassionate, and wise beyond all measure."

I have a friend who is living this verse out moment by moment. Over the last several days she has been surrounded by many obstacles and bad reports. She sent out a call for prayer.   Peace and patience is what she asked for and she received so much more. 

Appointments that had been impossible were made possible. A feeling of helplessness was replaced with helpful hands and insights into the process of the possible. Attitudes that were lackadaisical changed to become more than enough and then some. What had once been impossible turned into reality.

There are still struggles ahead. Hard days that she will have to walk through, but (the all important BUT) when we know where our help comes from, we will know peace. Even when we are only hearing about the impossibilities, we have the assurance that anything is possible with God.  Peace descends and the impossibilities are transformed into the possible.  

When you are struggling and surrounded by obstacles in this life, go straight to the One who has the power to change your circumstances. 'Our Lord is great! Nothing is impossible with His overwhelming power.' Walk in it, live it out and believe it. That's where we'll find peace. God's peace is right there, ready to extend over each one of us. Today, tomorrow and everyday.  Peace like a river flowing around us.  Anything and everything is possible with God.



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