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Barbecue Joy

August 31, 2017

1 Chronicles 16:1-3 MSG
"They brought the Chest of God and placed it right in the center of the tent that David had pitched for it; then they worshiped by presenting burnt offerings and peace offerings to God. When David had completed the offerings of worship, he blessed the people in the name of God. Then he passed around to every one there, men and women alike, a loaf of bread, a slice of barbecue, and a raisin cake."

As I read this I began to laugh. A full on belly laugh. A happy and joyful sound. (Laughter is Joyful noise at it's best after all.) What a party it must have been. A celebration of utmost importance and dedication. Joyfully they were celebrating the return of the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem.

The House of God was established that day with all the accolades of the best parts of royal pomp and circumstance. The best of the best kind of day and how did King David choose to culminate that day. The man known as 'a man after God's own heart' chose to close the celebration with a barbecue. A piece of bread, some down home barbecue and a tasty treat for everyone.

Remember this moment the next time you crank up the backyard grill. May it remind you to be happy and thankful. May it remind you that you are Loved. Give thanks to God and find love and joy in the moment.

1 Chronicles 16:34 MSG
"Give thanks to God—he is good and his love never quits."

God's love is profound. His love rejoices with us even in our moments of simple happiness. Just as Joy was celebrated that day so long ago in a barbecue finish. God's love is found in our moments of celebration and in our moments of grief, in our moments of joy and in our moments of despair. Our hope is always found in God. God's love never fails. Never ever. Celebrate His love in every moment.  




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