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September 20, 2017

Fears can manifest at many different levels. That sudden stop to avoid a collision, the unexpected trip and fall, and other intense experiences that cause momentary fear. Fears that come out of nowhere. Irrational fears can take on a life of their own. Fear of the unknown, spiders and snakes, the dark, heights and bridges are irrational fears that can invade our senses.

Healthy fears keep us safe. The fear of being caught red handed keeps us on the straight and narrow. Fear of eating bad food makes us smell that unknown substance before we put it in our mouths. Fear of injury helps us use our tools safely. Fear of storms and their impact help us prepare ourselves for their possibilities. A healthy fear of God keeps us wise. Fear can be a good thing when it is accompanied by courage and hope.

Job 11:18 NLT
"Having hope will give you courage. You will be protected and will rest in safety."

Hope gives us courage. Being courageous is about facing your fear even when you are afraid. Being afraid is normal. All of us are familiar with the feeling of being scared. Hope in God allows us to put our fears in His hands and hold onto the hope that we find in His love.

Fear can get under our skin and stop us in our tracks. Hope loosens the grip of fear and brings us back to a positive outlook on life. Fear anticipates the worst possible outcome. Courage gives us the ability to overcome that anticipation and face our fear. Hope turns that anticipated fear into Joy.


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