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October 3, 2017

Communication can be challenging for some of us. We get frustrated and before you know it we are yelling, shutting down or running away. Belligerence from both sides of the aisle without either side recognizing the truth. How we deal with personal communication challenges can be tricky.

You identify a concern to someone and they blow you off with an 'it's no big deal'. You both know it's a big deal. Admitting an error, or even a potential error, can be difficult for some of us. We, people in general, we tend to want to be right about stuff. The next step is the big choice. Grace looks different from either side of I'm right and you're wrong. What does 'giving grace' look like in real life?

We could start a screaming match to prove our separate points. Bring out stats and argue our position until you're both red faced and nothing changes. This, however, is not a 'grace-filled choice." We can shut down completely. That blank stare that gives nothing away. Great big walls that we hide behind without engaging with the enemy. That's what we are at this point. Enemies. Not a grace-filled option either. We could walk away. Walking away in itself can be seen as invalidating our position for many of us. It's a tough choice. Argue your position with forehand knowledge that it's a uphill battle, hid behind the wall of uncertainty or make a statement of your concerns and walk away. This too can be less than a grace-filled option if it's done with a huff and disrespect.

Admitting that we were potentially wrong is very difficult for some of us. We all have a friend or two with this tendency. It can be challenging to talk to them without coming off as I'm right and you're wrong. We end up with the short end of the stick more times than not. When we are aware that someone we care about has trouble communicating with this type of issue we should attempt to give grace. We don't give up, we give grace.

Isaiah 61:4
"They will rebuild the ancient ruins, repairing cities destroyed long ago. They will revive them, though they have been deserted for many generations."

When trust has been broken by past hurts the most innocent circumstance can trigger an issue. Trust has to be reestablished from the rubble of past hurts. Grace is believing that given time and reassurance, they can see the potential and possibilities for themselves. Grace is acknowledging the fault and loving them anyway. Grace is being generous with our own words instead of only attempting to prove our position. Grace is part of rebuilding that trust within each of us.

Psalm 145:7 NLT
"God is all mercy and grace— not quick to anger, is rich in love. God is good to one and all; everything he does is suffused with grace."

Grace is the answer God gives to each one of us. Follow His lead and give Grace to one another.

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