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Touch a Heart

November 15, 2017

Touch a heart. We were talking about that little heart icon down at the bottom of the page. (Go ahead and look at it) Right now it is an empty heart. It is the outline of a heart that needs your touch to fill it. Once you touch it, it fills in and turns red. It is the like button on the Gathered Under Grace website. In cyber world that button is meaningful. When you touch (or click) on the heart that means that you liked what you read. The more likes a post receives, the more cyber world will bring the article into view of prospective readers. Sharing the article on other social media platforms also impacts the post potential reach. My friend said the words, 'so we need to touch a heart'. Yes, we do indeed need to 'touch a heart', on so many levels.  With those simple words today's devotional was planted.

Touching hearts is a daily bonus that we get to participate in as co-partners with Jesus. Friends and loved ones who help us navigate through life touch our hearts on a daily basis. Life is more fun when we have that person we can call on to join us for lunch or dinner on the fly. That person who we call when we have an extra ticket to a concert or a movie. That person who is a web surfing guru and helps us find that extra special gift that will mean so much to a loved one. That's a good friend.

That person that we can call on when our anxiety level is out of control, when we need a shoulder to cry on as we pour out our hearts, or when we are heading in the wrong direction and need a swift kick in the butt. That person is a good friend and an accountability partner.

Having someone in our life that will give us honest feedback without condemnation. That person who can deliver criticism with a joyful spirit while reminding us that we are deeply loved by God. That person who we can share our joys and fears with, who hears us out and helps us dissect our words with Jesus in mind. That person who is helping us become a better person as defined by scripture. That person who prays for us and with us all the time. That person is a good friend and a mentor.

Proverbs 27:17 MSG 
"You use steel to sharpen steel, and one friend sharpens another."

Each one touching and revealing nuances that we may not see. Each one teaching and learning from the other. Each place and position is a positive influence on our lives. Friends, accountability partners and mentors. Each one touches our hearts in different ways, on different days. Yes, our friend can also be our mentor or accountability partner. Our accountability partner can also be our friend or mentor and vise versa. It's not about the title, it's about touching hearts.

This pattern can change as time passes. Our positions may flip flop as life events unfurl. Joining others in life's journey, sharing our lessons learned, utilizing our journey as a point of reference and as an encouragement is a wonderful friendship. Touching hearts and lives in this way is what being a disciple-maker is all about.

Touch a heart today.  




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