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Watch for the Unexpected

January 3, 2018

There’s an Arctic front pushing through most of the country. It’s cold. It’s the damp windy kind of cold that seeps into our bones. It’s the kind of cold that turns our to-do list into a to-don’t list. We are all huddled inside, under our blankets, watching binge television, reading books, playing music or just waiting for the snow. The snow that is forecast to fall in unexpected places.

We could work on inside projects. We could take down Christmas and pack it up for another year. The bathroom probably need cleaning and the beds need to be stripped. All those towels that your holiday guests used are ready for washing. There are things we could do. There’s that ginormous pile of family photos that have been calling out, screaming really, for just such an opportunity to be organized. The bills that need to be paid and the dinner that needs to be made, yet we are all huddled up under our blankets waiting. Resting and waiting, watching for the unexpected.

Exodus 33:14 HCSB
“Then He replied, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”

Resting can be such a very good thing, yet all we hear is our to-do list calling to us. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is behind us. When we get the opportunity to have a good ‘snuggle up under the blankets’ kind of day, be thankful. Rest and watch. Watch for the unexpected.

Listen closely to the voice of God, rest in Him and keep watching. Be present and prepared. The new year is here, the seasons are changing and the winds are blowing. Change is coming. Something good is about to happen, because the best part of rest is what happens when it’s over. Watch for the unexpected.



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