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Quiet Grace

April 16, 2018

Have you ever heard the term Quiet Grace? Someone once told me that they appreciated my quiet grace. Quiet and grace are not words that I associate with myself. (Isn’t it funny how we see ourselves compared to how others see us?) Quiet - I am not. Most of the time, I am boisterous, rowdy and loud; and I laugh even louder. Gracious- I have my moments, but when I think of or consider someone with quiet grace my thoughts immediately turn to someone else.


My Granny Dot had quiet grace. She was quiet and gracious. Always. Never loud. Never a harsh word. Never anything but gracious. My Granny Dot inspired me and instilled a lot of wisdom into my life. Two of her nuggets have stuck with me throughout my life. 'You are only as old as you feel inside' and 'don’t keep track'.


I have to stop and think when someone asks how old I am, how old my children are or how long I have been married. It's true, I don't really do math in my head, but it's about more than that. It's about being free from a box. The box of age can confine you. Too young or too old, and even those in between years, can hold you back. Nothing holds you back when you don't remember how old you are. (LOL)


Her saying of 'don’t keep track' I associated with the age idea for a long time. As I have progressed in my own life, I now believe she may have truly meant something different.


Forgiveness is all about releasing old hurts. Releasing them from your recall. To simply forgive and forget. Simple to say, sometimes hard to do, but I can now see that forgiveness is how we move on after heartbreak and hurts. That doesn't mean that whatever 'it' was that happened wasn't awful or hurtful, but it does mean that you won't allow it to keep you strangled and alone in misery.  Forgiveness means it no longer holds you captive.


Is this what quiet grace is all about? Is that it? Is forgiveness it's own form of quiet grace? Is it more about how we react to circumstances? Is it all about how we handle ourselves when we feel like we are under attack? Is that quiet grace?


Ephesians 4:32   Voice

"Instead, be kind and compassionate. Graciously forgive one another just as God has forgiven you through the Anointed, our Liberating King."


Grace can be defined an act of kindness, courtesy or forgiveness. Being gracious under pressure. Being kind instead of volatile. Not ramping up our anger to match theirs.  Quiet doesn't mean not speaking up, but it does mean that you're not yelling. It does mean we are keeping our cool when the words are heating up. Holding onto our tongues when we really want to yell back.  Being compassionate and forgiving towards others. Is this what quiet grace is?


Quiet Grace. I don't know if this description fits, but it's certainly something to aspire towards.




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