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May 30, 2018

Have you ever felt the need to speak up for yourself or someone else? I'm not talking about when you're hopping mad or 'feeling justified'. Getting into a huff and being fueled by the fight or flight response is not the boldness that I'm talking about. I am talking about boldly speaking up and advocating for yourself or someone else.  I am talking about stepping up to the plate, even when you are most comfortable warming the bench.  A young woman that I admire said this recently.  'You don't have to be bold, to speak boldly.'  We don't?  How does that work?


It's all about when you know you are the one who is supposed to open our mouths. Us.  We are the person who has the answer, the question or the message that must be given.  It is about those times when we need to speak up.  For ourselves or someone else.  We are the person who has to speak up; to our parents, our boss, our spouse, our friend or to someone else. You know that you're supposed to say or do something.


Maybe it's about asking for a raise, confronting an ongoing issue, or you need to discuss a difficult situation with someone. Maybe it's about standing up, speaking up and advocating for yourself (or your friend) at school or at home. Any of these things can challenge our bold-less-ness status.  Maybe it's about being proactive at the doctors, accepting a leadership role, or applying for college.  Maybe it's about speaking at a meeting, talking to someone about Jesus, or any of the other numerous things that take our boldness to a new level.  Being bold takes many shapes and forms. 


You're response might be 'who me'? You might even try to look around for someone else to do it for you. In that moment, scared or not, you know you are about to be bold. I'm talking about that moment when you know that the Holy Spirit wants you to speak up. You are going to do it.  You are stepping right out of your comfort zone and into the bold zone. 

Many of us are not bold. Some of us even consider ourselves to be public speaking disasters. Speaking up is just not what we do. Nausea and nervousness tend to hold us back.  We get that visible quiver that covers our bodies from head to toe. Being brave enough to speak up is not part of our makeup. We have plenty of skills in abundance, but boldness is not one of them.  

We are not alone. There have been many who came before us who had a well developed sense of bold-less-ness. Moses was so nervous about speaking out that God had to go get Aaron to help him. Peter wasn't a well spoken guy, yet when the Holy Spirit filled him, he was full of confident boldness. Gideon had to be reassured over and over. Esther was a queen and she was still nervous.

What do these examples (and all the many others that I haven't mentioned) have to teach us about boldness? Here's that word again. 'We don't have to be bold, to speak with boldness.'  Introverted or not, shy or not, quivering or not; sometimes we are called to be bold. If you're called to be bold, speak up.  Boldly speak up. 

Hebrews 13:6  MSG
"Since God assured us, “I’ll never let you down, never walk off and leave you,” we can boldly quote, God is there, ready to help; I’m fearless no matter what. Who or what can get to me?" 


God will supply us with all the boldness we need, whenever He calls on us to be bold. We may not realize how bold we can be, until we are called to be bold. 


'God is there, ready to help; I’m fearless no matter what.' 

Fearless no matter what.  You don't have to be bold, to speak boldly.




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