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Advise and Advocate

July 4, 2018

Mentoring is a teaching tool that we have sometimes overlooked. A mentor is defined as an experienced and trusted advisor. Someone who knows and has experience in an area that you are walking in. Trusted is a key word here. A trusted mentor is someone who will have your best interests at heart. An advocate on your behalf.  A person who has been through the thick of things and made their way through to the other side, all the while honoring God.

James‬ ‭5:10 MSG‬‬
“Take the old prophets as your mentors. They put up with anything, went through everything, and never once quit, all the time honoring God. What a gift life is to those who stay the course!”
As a verb a mentor is defined as someone who advises or trains, especially a younger colleague. A colleague in itself is an important aspect of mentoring. Working together to achieve a shared goal. Mentoring is teaching and advising those who want to learn. Mentoring those around us, by teaching, advising and advocating for them, and honoring God throughout the process. What a gift of life it is to share what we have learned with others.  


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