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Update Notification

October 2, 2018

My phone sent me an update notification recently. It’s weird to consider that our phones are capable of sending us a message. Nowadays our phones tell us when we need to update. It continues to send the message, repeatedly, nagging us until we get the update; the update that changes the inner workings of our phones. The thing that really stood out was the fact that our phones will only update when connected to power.

Ephesians 3:16 MSG
“I ask him to strengthen you by his Spirit - not a brute strength but a glorious inner strength -“

When we connect to Jesus, we are connecting to the ultimate power source who is ready and able to provide us with timely updates for our inner strength. When we strengthen our relationship to Jesus, He is changing us, updating us, from the inside out and we are better for it. When we are connected to the power of Jesus, the Holy Spirit is making all the necessary updates to our inner workings, and uploading strength to the inner most parts of our beings. Talking to Jesus is the real update that we all need to gain the strength and purpose that His love and hope provides for us in our daily lives. Connect to the power of a Jesus update everyday.  

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